The 9E Ranch- A Thin Place

Towering pines waving in the breeze, gentle rolling hills, tranquil paths, ponds, winding Piney Creek, fields of wildflowers, birds of every color, wild turkey, deer, quarter horses galloping, Longhorns grazing, a herd of cats and miniature donkeys and horses waiting for a pat all describe the 9E Ranch and yet nothing says it like "a thin place"--a thin space between Heaven and Earth.  A place so thin that at times you actually feel you have touched Heaven and the curtain open to the mystical. 

     Dr. Robert Yelderman (10-11-12 to 3-2-95) Joan Yelderman Bohls' father was a family doctor in Rosenberg.  He was a physician by trade, but a rancher by heart.  He longed for  ranch land because "God isn't making any more land!" so he and Marjorie searched and found land near Rosanky, Texas and began turning it into a cattle ranch by clearing trees and planting grass.  Often the question is asked, "Where did the 9E come from and what does it mean?"  Doc started cattle ranching with his brother, Jake in Damon, Texas and Jake's brand was 6E. Doc reversed the 6 to make 9e. Jake had bought a herd of cows all branded 6E and the selling cowboy threw in his brands as part of the deal.  So it don't mean nothing!

     The first living quarters at the ranch was a metal barn called The Shack built in 1961 now called De Colores Barn.   There was an outside bathroom and shower, a wood burning stove for heat and cooking where Doc's legendary "Rosanky Stew" was made. 

     In 1998 siblings sold their part of the ranch to become La Reata.  Joan and daughter Michelle kept their part.  Michelle built a log cabin to live in and Joan and Kent Bohls built cabins and opened the 9E Ranch Bed and Breakfast Log Cabins.  In 1999 The Texas  cabin was completed using cedar logs from  the ranch for the exterior and pine for floors from trees that washed in a recent flood.  Breakfast baskets were delivered to each cabin each morning.  In 2002 the 9E Ranch was awarded "Best B&B for Star Gazing" !In 2013 the breakfast basket delivery was changed to muffins and coffee left in the cabins. 

     Michelle Otto, Joan's daughter lived at the 9E Ranch from 1999 to 2006.  Michelle was a creative spirit who enjoed the outdoors and the beauty of the ranch.  She was an accomplished English horse woman, an award wining photographer, a paramedic, firefighter and musician playing both the flute and piano.  Michelle saw beauty everywhere and when she found photography it was the perfect outlet for her creativity.  On October 8, 2006, as Michelle was returning from a wedding shoot, an elderly woman driving on the wrong side of the road caused the fatal accident that took Michelle to Heaven.  Michelle lived life fully and the saying on her web site and wall was "Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away".  She always took my breath away!  The 9E Ranch will never be the same without Michelle yet her spirit si still in every flower, every red bird, every waving pine tree, every sunset and every time we see a photo she took.  The 9e Ranch is a "thin space" between Heaven and earth and sometimes the veil is so thin that while standing on the red sand you can see and feel Heaven and the beautiful spirt of Michelle.